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final departure? ¦ alexander b. craghead

Railroads are all about journeys. Journeys through time, journeys through distance. The Northwest's Own Railfan, NWOR, began almost as a mistake -- a personal website meant to look a little like a magazine. I guess I did too good of a job, because shortly after, someone asked to contribute, and it all grew from there. And so NWOR's journey began.

Over time, NWOR grew to be an independant outlet, a full-fledged e-zine. It acquired it's own domain name, as well as a sponsor in the form of Railroad Forums. It became an outlet for railroad photographers from the Pacific Northwest, be they established and published, or young and undiscovered.

After over two years on the web, the time has come for NWOR to take the siding and let other trains pass by. Producing even a quarterly e-zine with a staff of one was tough to pull off, and as soon as the latest issue was out, I would be having to start production on the next. Changes in careers, changes in locations, changes in avocations have all conspired to take away the time that NWOR took to produce.

Every train's journey has a beginning, and likewise has an end. So for NWOR also, the journey now comes to a close. What will become of The Northwest's Own Railfan? It will not go anywhere. It's completed issues will remain available for enjoyment in the archives for an indefinite period of time. Of course, you never know. Perhaps, some day, like some old sidelined steamer, NWOR may be given love and attention again, and restored. But for now?

For now, it's back to the roundhouse for one last time.

I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the experiment that was NWOR. Those folks include, but are not limited to:

Martin Adams -- Photo Contributor
Paul Birkholz -- Feature Contributor
Chris Camp -- Feature Contributor
Al Currier -- Feature Contributor
Jim Fitzgerald -- Photo Contributor
Jonathan Glanville -- Feature Contributor
Layne Hansen -- Feature Contributor
Stacey Hilbert -- Photo Contributor
Frank Keller -- Feature Contributor
Bill Killian -- Feature Contributor
Ben Ostenson -- Feature Contributor
Dan Schwanz -- Feature Contributor
Brian Sopke -- Feature Contributor
Steve Spring -- Feature Contributor
Marshall Starks -- Photo Contributor
Tyler Welsford -- Photo Contributor

Plus a big thanks to Claudia Stobeleski, for her occasional editing skills, and last but not least, to Bob Harbison, who graciously sponsored the site and gave it a host, allowing it to stretch it's legs at it's own domain.

Warm wishes to you all.


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